• Hardware:
  • Build a Custom Desktop
  • Desktop & Laptop Maintenance
  • Upgrade & Repair Desktop
  • Upgrade & Repair Laptop
  • Server Setup & Cloud Backups
  • Setup of any Tech/Electronics
  • Software:
  • Anti-Virus Install & Cleaning
  • Operating System Installation
  • Website Design & Hosting
  • Graphics & Logo Design
  • Visual Form Editor (VFE)
  • Setup Remote Desktop Server
  • Other:
  • Buy Smartphones
  • Plan Technology Purchases
  • Cell Phone Carrier Advice
  • General Technology Advice
  • Computer Building Lessons
  • ...and much more!


Built with a balance of all components to deliver you a responsive machine for everday use.

Ideal For: Microsoft Office Apps, Photoshop, Schoolwork, Media Streaming, Light Gaming


Built in a smaller form factor while focusing on storage, graphics power, and/or blu-ray player.

Ideal For: Ultimate Home Theater System, 4K Display Support, Multiple Hard Drive Storage


Built with clear focus on graphics and processor power alongside superior ventilation and style.

Ideal For: Superior Gaming Experience, Video Editing, 3D Modeling/Processing, much more!

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Dylan J. Grace

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